North Yorkshire and South Durham Premier Cricket League Premier Division 2018

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

28 Apr 2018  Bishop Auckland v Great Ayton Kingsway, Bishop Auckland nysdp941
28 Apr 2018  Darlington v Barnard Castle Feethams Cricket Ground, Darlington nysdp942
28 Apr 2018  Hartlepool v Middlesbrough Park Drive, Hartlepool nysdp943
28 Apr 2018  Marton v Richmondshire Stokesley Road, Marton nysdp944
28 Apr 2018  Seaton Carew v Marske Hornby Park, Seaton Carew nysdp945
28 Apr 2018  Stokesley v Thornaby Broughton Road, Stokesley nysdp946
05 May 2018  Barnard Castle v Bishop Auckland Vere Road, Barnard Castle nysdp947
05 May 2018  Great Ayton v Seaton Carew Leven Park, Great Ayton nysdp948
05 May 2018  Middlesbrough v Darlington Acklam Park, Middlesbrough nysdp949
05 May 2018  Richmondshire v Hartlepool Hugill Road, Richmond nysdp950
05 May 2018  Stokesley v Marton Broughton Road, Stokesley nysdp951
05 May 2018  Thornaby v Marske Mandale Bottoms, Thornaby nysdp952
12 May 2018  Bishop Auckland v Middlesbrough Kingsway, Bishop Auckland nysdp953
12 May 2018  Darlington v Richmondshire Feethams Cricket Ground, Darlington nysdp954
12 May 2018  Hartlepool v Stokesley Park Drive, Hartlepool nysdp955
12 May 2018  Marske v Great Ayton Windy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Sea nysdp956
12 May 2018  Marton v Thornaby Stokesley Road, Marton nysdp957
12 May 2018  Seaton Carew v Barnard Castle Hornby Park, Seaton Carew nysdp958
19 May 2018  Barnard Castle v Marske Vere Road, Barnard Castle nysdp959
19 May 2018  Marton v Hartlepool Stokesley Road, Marton nysdp960
19 May 2018  Middlesbrough v Seaton Carew Acklam Park, Middlesbrough nysdp961
19 May 2018  Richmondshire v Bishop Auckland Hugill Road, Richmond nysdp962
19 May 2018  Stokesley v Darlington Broughton Road, Stokesley nysdp963
19 May 2018  Thornaby v Great Ayton Mandale Bottoms, Thornaby nysdp964
20 May 2018  Barnard Castle v Hartlepool Vere Road, Barnard Castle nysdp965
20 May 2018  Great Ayton v Darlington Leven Park, Great Ayton nysdp966
20 May 2018  Marske v Bishop Auckland Windy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Sea nysdp967
20 May 2018  Middlesbrough v Marton Acklam Park, Middlesbrough nysdp968
20 May 2018  Richmondshire v Stokesley Hugill Road, Richmond nysdp969
20 May 2018  Thornaby v Seaton Carew Mandale Bottoms, Thornaby nysdp970
26 May 2018  Bishop Auckland v Stokesley Kingsway, Bishop Auckland nysdp971
26 May 2018  Darlington v Marton Feethams Cricket Ground, Darlington nysdp972
26 May 2018  Great Ayton v Barnard Castle Leven Park, Great Ayton nysdp973
26 May 2018  Hartlepool v Thornaby Park Drive, Hartlepool nysdp974
26 May 2018  Marske v Middlesbrough Windy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Sea nysdp975
26 May 2018  Seaton Carew v Richmondshire Hornby Park, Seaton Carew nysdp976
02 Jun 2018  Barnard Castle v Thornaby Vere Road, Barnard Castle nysdp976a
02 Jun 2018  Hartlepool v Darlington Park Drive, Hartlepool nysdp977
02 Jun 2018  Marton v Bishop Auckland Stokesley Road, Marton nysdp978
02 Jun 2018  Middlesbrough v Great Ayton Acklam Park, Middlesbrough nysdp979
02 Jun 2018  Richmondshire v Marske Hugill Road, Richmond nysdp979a
02 Jun 2018  Stokesley v Seaton Carew Broughton Road, Stokesley nysdp980
09 Jun 2018  Barnard Castle v Middlesbrough Vere Road, Barnard Castle nysdp981
09 Jun 2018  Bishop Auckland v Hartlepool Kingsway, Bishop Auckland nysdp982
09 Jun 2018  Great Ayton v Richmondshire Leven Park, Great Ayton nysdp983
09 Jun 2018  Marske v Stokesley Windy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Sea nysdp984
09 Jun 2018  Seaton Carew v Marton Hornby Park, Seaton Carew nysdp985
09 Jun 2018  Thornaby v Darlington Mandale Bottoms, Thornaby nysdp986
16 Jun 2018  Darlington v Bishop Auckland Feethams Cricket Ground, Darlington nysdp987
16 Jun 2018  Hartlepool v Seaton Carew Park Drive, Hartlepool nysdp988
16 Jun 2018  Marton v Marske Stokesley Road, Marton nysdp989
16 Jun 2018  Middlesbrough v Thornaby Acklam Park, Middlesbrough nysdp990
16 Jun 2018  Richmondshire v Barnard Castle Hugill Road, Richmond nysdp991
16 Jun 2018  Stokesley v Great Ayton Broughton Road, Stokesley nysdp992
23 Jun 2018  Barnard Castle v Stokesley Vere Road, Barnard Castle nysdp993
23 Jun 2018  Great Ayton v Marton Leven Park, Great Ayton nysdp994
23 Jun 2018  Marske v Hartlepool Windy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Sea nysdp995
23 Jun 2018  Middlesbrough v Richmondshire Acklam Park, Middlesbrough nysdp996
23 Jun 2018  Seaton Carew v Darlington Hornby Park, Seaton Carew nysdp997
23 Jun 2018  Thornaby v Bishop Auckland Mandale Bottoms, Thornaby nysdp998
30 Jun 2018  Bishop Auckland v Seaton Carew Kingsway, Bishop Auckland nysdp999
30 Jun 2018  Darlington v Marske Feethams Cricket Ground, Darlington nysdp1000
30 Jun 2018  Hartlepool v Great Ayton Park Drive, Hartlepool nysdp1001
30 Jun 2018  Marton v Barnard Castle Stokesley Road, Marton nysdp1002
30 Jun 2018  Richmondshire v Thornaby Hugill Road, Richmond nysdp1003
30 Jun 2018  Stokesley v Middlesbrough Broughton Road, Stokesley nysdp1004
07 Jul 2018  Bishop Auckland v Marske Kingsway, Bishop Auckland nysdp1005
07 Jul 2018  Darlington v Great Ayton Feethams Cricket Ground, Darlington nysdp1006
07 Jul 2018  Hartlepool v Barnard Castle Park Drive, Hartlepool nysdp1007
07 Jul 2018  Marton v Middlesbrough Stokesley Road, Marton nysdp1008
07 Jul 2018  Seaton Carew v Thornaby Hornby Park, Seaton Carew nysdp1009
07 Jul 2018  Stokesley v Richmondshire Broughton Road, Stokesley nysdp1010
14 Jul 2018  Barnard Castle v Darlington Vere Road, Barnard Castle nysdp1011
14 Jul 2018  Great Ayton v Bishop Auckland Leven Park, Great Ayton nysdp1012
14 Jul 2018  Marske v Seaton Carew Windy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Sea nysdp1013
14 Jul 2018  Middlesbrough v Hartlepool Acklam Park, Middlesbrough nysdp1014
14 Jul 2018  Richmondshire v Marton Hugill Road, Richmond nysdp1015
14 Jul 2018  Thornaby v Stokesley Mandale Bottoms, Thornaby nysdp1016
21 Jul 2018  Bishop Auckland v Barnard Castle Kingsway, Bishop Auckland nysdp1017
21 Jul 2018  Darlington v Middlesbrough Feethams Cricket Ground, Darlington nysdp1018
21 Jul 2018  Hartlepool v Richmondshire Park Drive, Hartlepool nysdp1019
21 Jul 2018  Marske v Thornaby Windy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Sea nysdp1020
21 Jul 2018  Marton v Stokesley Stokesley Road, Marton nysdp1021
21 Jul 2018  Seaton Carew v Great Ayton Hornby Park, Seaton Carew nysdp1022
28 Jul 2018  Barnard Castle v Seaton Carew Vere Road, Barnard Castle
28 Jul 2018  Great Ayton v Marske Leven Park, Great Ayton
28 Jul 2018  Middlesbrough v Bishop Auckland Acklam Park, Middlesbrough
28 Jul 2018  Richmondshire v Darlington Hugill Road, Richmond
28 Jul 2018  Stokesley v Hartlepool Broughton Road, Stokesley
28 Jul 2018  Thornaby v Marton Mandale Bottoms, Thornaby
04 Aug 2018  Bishop Auckland v Richmondshire Kingsway, Bishop Auckland
04 Aug 2018  Darlington v Stokesley Feethams Cricket Ground, Darlington
04 Aug 2018  Great Ayton v Thornaby Leven Park, Great Ayton
04 Aug 2018  Hartlepool v Marton Park Drive, Hartlepool
04 Aug 2018  Marske v Barnard Castle Windy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Sea
04 Aug 2018  Seaton Carew v Middlesbrough Hornby Park, Seaton Carew
11 Aug 2018  Barnard Castle v Great Ayton Vere Road, Barnard Castle
11 Aug 2018  Marton v Darlington Stokesley Road, Marton
11 Aug 2018  Middlesbrough v Marske Acklam Park, Middlesbrough
11 Aug 2018  Richmondshire v Seaton Carew Hugill Road, Richmond
11 Aug 2018  Stokesley v Bishop Auckland Broughton Road, Stokesley
11 Aug 2018  Thornaby v Hartlepool Mandale Bottoms, Thornaby
18 Aug 2018  Bishop Auckland v Marton Kingsway, Bishop Auckland
18 Aug 2018  Darlington v Hartlepool Feethams Cricket Ground, Darlington
18 Aug 2018  Great Ayton v Middlesbrough Leven Park, Great Ayton
18 Aug 2018  Marske v Richmondshire Windy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Sea
18 Aug 2018  Seaton Carew v Stokesley Hornby Park, Seaton Carew
18 Aug 2018  Thornaby v Barnard Castle Mandale Bottoms, Thornaby
25 Aug 2018  Darlington v Thornaby Feethams Cricket Ground, Darlington
25 Aug 2018  Hartlepool v Bishop Auckland Park Drive, Hartlepool
25 Aug 2018  Marton v Seaton Carew Stokesley Road, Marton
25 Aug 2018  Middlesbrough v Barnard Castle Acklam Park, Middlesbrough
25 Aug 2018  Richmondshire v Great Ayton Hugill Road, Richmond
25 Aug 2018  Stokesley v Marske Broughton Road, Stokesley
27 Aug 2018  Barnard Castle v Richmondshire Vere Road, Barnard Castle
27 Aug 2018  Bishop Auckland v Darlington Kingsway, Bishop Auckland
27 Aug 2018  Great Ayton v Stokesley Leven Park, Great Ayton
27 Aug 2018  Marske v Marton Windy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Sea
27 Aug 2018  Seaton Carew v Hartlepool Hornby Park, Seaton Carew
27 Aug 2018  Thornaby v Middlesbrough Mandale Bottoms, Thornaby
01 Sep 2018  Bishop Auckland v Thornaby Kingsway, Bishop Auckland
01 Sep 2018  Darlington v Seaton Carew Feethams Cricket Ground, Darlington
01 Sep 2018  Hartlepool v Marske Park Drive, Hartlepool
01 Sep 2018  Marton v Great Ayton Stokesley Road, Marton
01 Sep 2018  Richmondshire v Middlesbrough Hugill Road, Richmond
01 Sep 2018  Stokesley v Barnard Castle Broughton Road, Stokesley
08 Sep 2018  Barnard Castle v Marton Vere Road, Barnard Castle
08 Sep 2018  Great Ayton v Hartlepool Leven Park, Great Ayton
08 Sep 2018  Marske v Darlington Windy Hill Lane, Marske-by-the-Sea
08 Sep 2018  Middlesbrough v Stokesley Acklam Park, Middlesbrough
08 Sep 2018  Seaton Carew v Bishop Auckland Hornby Park, Seaton Carew
08 Sep 2018  Thornaby v Richmondshire Mandale Bottoms, Thornaby

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